Tips to buy Stainless Steel Cookware Set

All Clad cookwareI have been a loyal user of Stainless Steel (All Clad) since past 20 years and have been in love with my cookware as well as the dishes cooked in them in all these years. The stainless steel cookware is the dream of every enthusiastic cook not only because of the ease of using them, but also owing to the fact that the food is crispier as compared to cast iron or aluminum. Yesterday my friend called me to give her some tips regarding the purchase of a new stainless steel cookware set. I told her to visit The Foodista website. The Foodista is a terrific cookware review website. I recommended her to read their guide on how to select the best cookware set.

I felt sharing it with all of my readers. Hence, the post.

To begin with the purchase, you should know what do all the terms such as the 18/10 etc. I feel that if you don’t know these terms, you will NOT be able to make an intelligent purchase which is suited to your kitchen and needs.

The list goes as follows:

There are three types of stainless steel grade namely 18/0, 18/10 and 18/8. Every first number will denote the chromium percentage and the other one is the percentage of nickel which can be 0, 8 or 10. Don’t get confused in the names, you should know only one thing; the higher the percentage of the nickel, the better the stainless steel cookware is.

Features of 18/0 Steel:

It is resistant to rust and is magnetic. It contains NO nickel. It will not be as good as the 18/8 and the 18/10 steel. This steel doesn’t clean up that well. As the set will NOT be expensive as the other 2 sets, it is a good one for the novices in the cooking. But, be warned, the heat is NOT conducted well around the metal.

Features of 18/8 Stainless Steel:

The steel cookware is non – magnetic and resistant to rust. All other properties such as heat conduction, cleaning abilities, and price etc. lie in between the two other types.

Features of 18/10 Stainless Steel:

18/10 stainless steel cookwareThe cookware is non – magnetic, has better shine and comes with better appearance and the superior cooking benefits among the three. All in all, you should buy this one (always); as it will be with you till the end of your cooking days. The set is resistant to rust as well as avoids reaction with the food items.

There is another very important term associated with the stainless steel cookware which I would like to discuss today – Clad Cookware.

The term CLAD doesn’t ALWAYS indicate the ALL CLAD brand. It means that the cookware is built in various layers called as the “ply” in which one layer is of aluminum or other such conducting material. This gives the cookware better heat conduction and better cooking properties.

Now, having understood the materials and all, let us move towards the other factors you should keep in mind while buying the stainless steel cookware.

Always check the Heat Conductivity Specifications.

Don’t go for a cheap or under SALE cookware just because the number of pieces is more and the money you spend is less. It will be a bad experience and problematic choice for you as the heat conduction may be poor and your fries may end up “over-done” or “un-done”.

best stainless steel cookware setPrice should be as per your budget. Check out the list of best stainless cookware sets to find one that’s perfect for your budget.

No one would want to buy a cookware set so expensive that he or she is not able to cook anything in it for a few coming days or weeks. Be gentle on your budget and you don’t need to buy all the pieces at the same time. Check your needs and then make the purchase.

The durability and reactive properties of the cookware material should also be kept in mind. This will save you days of worry and a lot of repentance of a bad purchase.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to ONLY cook in the sets, you have to clean them too. Don’t go for a BIG PAN or POT. This will be an elbow bomb and you will find it very hard to clean later. So, choose wisely as per the size of family and requirement.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker – Secret to Perfect Rice

rice cookerWhile having dinner at my mother’s house yesterday night, I just couldn’t stop admiring the sushi she had prepared. Everything was perfect, the veggies, the meat and especially the rice. There was a distinct flavor to it. It tasted better than any of the Chinese restaurants I have been and believe me, I have been to many of them. I am a huge fan of Chinese Food which is why my mother cooked sushi for me. I was all praises for her and said that she should have explored the profession as a chef. I told her about all my foiled attempts to make sushi rice in my rice cooker and learnt the secret behind her amazing sushi. She had a Zojirushi Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker. The cooker was a genie in the bottle for my mother and served her the best cooked rice with different textures, different types and even adjusted with minor errors in measurements. I listened to all of its features and placed an order for one before I wished my mother a good night. If you are also thinking of buying a new rice cooker, then you must first read rice cooker reviews at Chef Brazil. Chef Brazil analyzes user-generated rice cooker reviews and recommends rice cookers for purchase based on their research and findings.

Gaba riceZojirushi Rice Cooker is one of the most popular cookers and has garnered only positive reviews from all the customers all across the globe. The name – Zojirushi is synonymous to quality and repute and is associated with dozens of products. I browsed the internet, review forums, discussions and lots of other sources which said that the Zojirushi Rice Cooker is the best thing they have come across in the market. And when I used one, I learnt that they were right. I am fan of my rice cooker. It comes with a huge number of options and settings that enable me to enjoy rice in a number of ways. Apart from being intelligent and lovely cooker, it also offers an option for the GABA rice which is a really healthy option. Some models also allow for the UMAMI setting which makes the rice taste just like a piece of heaven in my mouth. I love rice and I love Zojirushi Rice Cooker as much.

The rice cooker can cook Brown Rice, White Rice, Sweet Rice, Sushi Rice, Regular or Normal Rice and Rice Porridge. GABA rice feature is present in some high-end models which are one of the healthiest meals as it is rich in GABA which stands for Gama-Amino-Butyric-Acid. This compound is good for the brain and keeps the blood pressure low. Hence, I use this setting a lot. The prolonged soaking and steaming of rice gives it a very peculiar taste and texture which is an absolute yum when eaten. This can be done using the UMAMI setting in the Zojirushi Rice Cooker. Apart from making different rice, I am even able to make same rice with different texture such as dry, wet, and sticky etc.

Soups, stews, cakes, porridge etc can also be prepared in the Zojirushi Rice Cooker. Using the steamer trays, I am able to steam my veggies and soya chunks in the cooker which taste absolutely just like Chinese restaurants.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker is a blessing. Though pricey, I love it to the moon and back.

Got a Bread Maker as Birthday Present

Cuisinart CBK-200I recently celebrated my birthday, count, I am not going to share with anyone (just for laughs). It was a good one. My parents took a flight and gave me the best surprise, my brother took a day off and spent the night at our place, we watched old videos and chatted late into the night sipping wine near the fireplace. Among the other things which made me feel extra special on that day, was the gift my parents gave me. It was nonetheless one of the top bread makers in the market – Cuisinart CBK-200. The model is stylish, modern, sturdy and compact and what makes it so lovely is that the name is Cuisinart; which is synonymous with quality.

Features of my new bread maker:

The machine is awesome, makes 2 pound loaf in one go which is ideal for me, my husband and my two kids. The baking is done by the convection heating process which makes the crust crispy and evenly brown. The machine will beep on the completion of all the steps. Once the ingredients are put in and the kneading is done, the beep will warn you to remove the kneading paddle. Next, you will be able to specify the cycle you wish to use for the bread i.e. you can make gluten free bread, low carb bread and the artisan bread. There is a small LCD screen which shows all the information about the bread being baked such as the remaining time, crust color and size of the loaf etc.

nutty breadThere is another lovely feature that I have used right now, which informs the user that the time to add the other things such as fruit bits, nuts etc. is reached. I am making nutty bread today, hence, have added finely chopped nuts. The other controls are start, pause and stop. Overall, the machine is easy to use and can be handled by every person. I am not a big fan of numerous controls over the machines these days and love to keep it simple. I really find it easy to bake bread in Cuisinart CBK 200.

The bread pan is kind of a fusion of the vertical and horizontal pan and can bake like 16 variations of the regular bread. As per the manual, I can make

White, whole wheat, rapid whole wheat, rapid white, quick bread/cake, French/Italian, rapid French/Italian, low-carb, artisan dough, sweet breads, gluten free, dough/pizza dough, rapid sweet breads, bake only, jam, and the last minute loaf in my single machine. Till now, I have tried 10 variations and find them totally satisfying.

Cleaning bread makerThough some ingredients are left in the corners of the bread pan, the bread comes out fine and properly cooked. The machine is easy to clean for the ones who like to clean after every use and have enough time for that. If you wish to clean the bread machine only occasionally, then sadly, the machine will not allow so as the colour is black and it would give off the grit.

Well, all in all, my compact machine is a real beauty and I love to have it sitting on my kitchen counter all set to make all the new kinds of breads, cakes and dough I could get on the internet.

Omega VJS843 – Gift for my Mom

Omega vsj843

Recently I went to market because I wanted to buy a gift for my mom. My Mom is very health conscious. She drinks juice on regular basis. But she had an old juicer. So I thought to gift her new juicer. I observed many juicers in the market and compared them, and then I found Omega VJS843 is the best juicer for my mom. It has various features and qualities which makes juicing easier for my mom. It is a 2nd generation slow juicer. If you are also looking for a juicer, Juicer.Kitchen will help you to get the best juicer within your budget.

Omega VJS843:

Omega VJS843 is all new vertical slow juicer. It operates at 43 RPM which produces very less oxidation. It is comparatively 50% slower than old juicers. It can juice everything such as fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheat grass etc. Excellent feature of this juicer is that it can make nut milks because of the all new juice tap.

Omega VJS843 has specially designed juicing screen which ensures that pulp will be very less. It’s a single auger juicer which rotates at 43 RPM to ensure less foam and great taste. It will give you very high nutrient rich juice. Parts of this juicer can be assembled and disassembled easily. Manufacturer gives you 15 years warranty on all parts.

Patented auger, wiping blade and upgraded 8 X strong screen is the newest technology in VSJ series. All these features are not available in any other juicer around.

Omega VJS843 will ensure you the highest yield and less pulp. It is not multipurpose. It is specially designed for the juicing in which it is best. Omega VJS843 is best for people who drink juice on regular basis. That is why I gifted it to my mom.

Why I chose Omega VJS843 Juicer?

Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) – This is the world’s first juicer that is using the SST method. This is completely different from the standard masticating method. SST technology means it will produce the highest yield with less pulp. Omega VJS843 extracts maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients from minimum amount of fruits and vegetables. This juicer contains the harder Heavy Duty (HD) screen. It is upgraded 8x screen made of stainless steel.

There are two stages in this juicer – first is crushing stage and second is pressing stage. In the first stage, juice is extracted and in the second stage it is squeezed again to yield more. Omega VJS843 produces more juice compared to any other juicer available in the market. This is the world’s first juicer having this quality. This juicer has silicon wiping blade which ensures that your screen will be clear of excess pulp. So cleaning will be easier.

You just have to pour the water while changing fruits and vegetables, it will clean itself. Take it apart after using and rinse it with water. It has very small footprint and is very easy to store. Special Juice tap is provided for mixing and nut milks. It is very quiet. 43 RPM is the rotating speed of Omega VJS843 which is very low and thus ensures very less heat production. Thus the enzymes are not destroyed while juicing. Omega gives 15 years warranty on this product. Read the full VSJ843 review here.

Amazing Coffee with My Delonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine

My best friend was living in another continent for the last five years and hence could never be there for my birthday. This year, however she incidentally came home during my birthday and gifted me this amazing espresso machine, the Magnifica. This machine almost took my breath away. This is the best espresso maker on the market. I was using a so and so semi automatic machine and I had to do so much work back then. Now, the machine takes care of anything. All I need to do is press a few buttons. That’s it.

The machine is a total looker! Stainless steel body assures durability. The machine is compact and takes up very little space on my kitchen counter. One thing I always had against super automatic machines; I always assumed they are very high tech and thus difficult to use. The Delonghi Magnifica changed my whole outlook regarding that. This machine is unbelievably easy to use. The manual was easy to follow and within less than thirty minutes I had my own espresso machine set up and was brewing high quality espresso.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso MachineThe machine comes with double boilers made of stainless steel. So you can brew coffee and steam/froth milk at the same time. No waiting involved whatsoever! You also hardly need to wait in between brewing two simultaneous shots of espresso as the machine has instant reheating system that always keeps your machine at a favorable temperature for brewing.

If you love your coffee then you would know how important it is to reduce the time between the grinding of the coffee beans and the brewing of the ground coffee. This espresso machine allows to all that and more.The pre installed burr grinder grinds your coffee beans to perfection, and you are allowed to customize on that too. Set the grinding level and your beans will be ground according to your choice. I never got that at a cafe!

While we are talking about customization, this machine allows you select the volume and strength of each shot. By simply pressing some buttons you can have the espresso highly customized to your taste.
The water reservoir and the coffee beans tank are both removable and I find this extremely convenient as it much easier to refill when they can be removed from the machine.

The frothing/steaming system deserves more than just a few words. It is just perfect. The frothing wand can be rotated to 180 degrees allowing you to use any milk pitcher you want. It is just so nice when you do not need to buy specialized accessories right after buying(or as in my case receiving) an already expensive electrical appliance and can do with whatever is there in your kitchen already. I find this very comforting.

The cleaning is easy. The machine auto notifies you that it is time for a decalcification. And you need to press a switch after that for the machine to auto decalcify. It is advisable though to take the entire brew mechanism once a week at least. That will make sure your machine runs longer. Also, like most super automatic machines, do not use oily coffee beans. they clog the machine and reduces its life span.

All in all I am extremely grateful to my friend for this amazing gift that I am going to cherish for a long time to come. This espresso machine has truly made my mornings easier and more fun.