Amazing Coffee with My Delonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine

My best friend was living in another continent for the last five years and hence could never be there for my birthday. This year, however she incidentally came home during my birthday and gifted me this amazing espresso machine, the Magnifica. This machine almost took my breath away. This is the best espresso maker on the market. I was using a so and so semi automatic machine and I had to do so much work back then. Now, the machine takes care of anything. All I need to do is press a few buttons. That’s it.

The machine is a total looker! Stainless steel body assures durability. The machine is compact and takes up very little space on my kitchen counter. One thing I always had against super automatic machines; I always assumed they are very high tech and thus difficult to use. The Delonghi Magnifica changed my whole outlook regarding that. This machine is unbelievably easy to use. The manual was easy to follow and within less than thirty minutes I had my own espresso machine set up and was brewing high quality espresso.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso MachineThe machine comes with double boilers made of stainless steel. So you can brew coffee and steam/froth milk at the same time. No waiting involved whatsoever! You also hardly need to wait in between brewing two simultaneous shots of espresso as the machine has instant reheating system that always keeps your machine at a favorable temperature for brewing.

If you love your coffee then you would know how important it is to reduce the time between the grinding of the coffee beans and the brewing of the ground coffee. This espresso machine allows to all that and more.The pre installed burr grinder grinds your coffee beans to perfection, and you are allowed to customize on that too. Set the grinding level and your beans will be ground according to your choice. I never got that at a cafe!

While we are talking about customization, this machine allows you select the volume and strength of each shot. By simply pressing some buttons you can have the espresso highly customized to your taste.
The water reservoir and the coffee beans tank are both removable and I find this extremely convenient as it much easier to refill when they can be removed from the machine.

The frothing/steaming system deserves more than just a few words. It is just perfect. The frothing wand can be rotated to 180 degrees allowing you to use any milk pitcher you want. It is just so nice when you do not need to buy specialized accessories right after buying(or as in my case receiving) an already expensive electrical appliance and can do with whatever is there in your kitchen already. I find this very comforting.

The cleaning is easy. The machine auto notifies you that it is time for a decalcification. And you need to press a switch after that for the machine to auto decalcify. It is advisable though to take the entire brew mechanism once a week at least. That will make sure your machine runs longer. Also, like most super automatic machines, do not use oily coffee beans. they clog the machine and reduces its life span.

All in all I am extremely grateful to my friend for this amazing gift that I am going to cherish for a long time to come. This espresso machine has truly made my mornings easier and more fun.