Tips to buy Stainless Steel Cookware Set

All Clad cookwareI have been a loyal user of Stainless Steel (All Clad) since past 20 years and have been in love with my cookware as well as the dishes cooked in them in all these years. The stainless steel cookware is the dream of every enthusiastic cook not only because of the ease of using them, but also owing to the fact that the food is crispier as compared to cast iron or aluminum. Yesterday my friend called me to give her some tips regarding the purchase of a new stainless steel cookware set. I told her to visit The Foodista website. The Foodista is a terrific cookware review website. I recommended her to read their guide on how to select the best cookware set.

I felt sharing it with all of my readers. Hence, the post.

To begin with the purchase, you should know what do all the terms such as the 18/10 etc. I feel that if you don’t know these terms, you will NOT be able to make an intelligent purchase which is suited to your kitchen and needs.

The list goes as follows:

There are three types of stainless steel grade namely 18/0, 18/10 and 18/8. Every first number will denote the chromium percentage and the other one is the percentage of nickel which can be 0, 8 or 10. Don’t get confused in the names, you should know only one thing; the higher the percentage of the nickel, the better the stainless steel cookware is.

Features of 18/0 Steel:

It is resistant to rust and is magnetic. It contains NO nickel. It will not be as good as the 18/8 and the 18/10 steel. This steel doesn’t clean up that well. As the set will NOT be expensive as the other 2 sets, it is a good one for the novices in the cooking. But, be warned, the heat is NOT conducted well around the metal.

Features of 18/8 Stainless Steel:

The steel cookware is non – magnetic and resistant to rust. All other properties such as heat conduction, cleaning abilities, and price etc. lie in between the two other types.

Features of 18/10 Stainless Steel:

18/10 stainless steel cookwareThe cookware is non – magnetic, has better shine and comes with better appearance and the superior cooking benefits among the three. All in all, you should buy this one (always); as it will be with you till the end of your cooking days. The set is resistant to rust as well as avoids reaction with the food items.

There is another very important term associated with the stainless steel cookware which I would like to discuss today – Clad Cookware.

The term CLAD doesn’t ALWAYS indicate the ALL CLAD brand. It means that the cookware is built in various layers called as the “ply” in which one layer is of aluminum or other such conducting material. This gives the cookware better heat conduction and better cooking properties.

Now, having understood the materials and all, let us move towards the other factors you should keep in mind while buying the stainless steel cookware.

Always check the Heat Conductivity Specifications.

Don’t go for a cheap or under SALE cookware just because the number of pieces is more and the money you spend is less. It will be a bad experience and problematic choice for you as the heat conduction may be poor and your fries may end up “over-done” or “un-done”.

best stainless steel cookware setPrice should be as per your budget. Check out the list of best stainless cookware sets to find one that’s perfect for your budget.

No one would want to buy a cookware set so expensive that he or she is not able to cook anything in it for a few coming days or weeks. Be gentle on your budget and you don’t need to buy all the pieces at the same time. Check your needs and then make the purchase.

The durability and reactive properties of the cookware material should also be kept in mind. This will save you days of worry and a lot of repentance of a bad purchase.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to ONLY cook in the sets, you have to clean them too. Don’t go for a BIG PAN or POT. This will be an elbow bomb and you will find it very hard to clean later. So, choose wisely as per the size of family and requirement.