Omega VJS843 – Gift for my Mom

Omega vsj843

Recently I went to market because I wanted to buy a gift for my mom. My Mom is very health conscious. She drinks juice on regular basis. But she had an old juicer. So I thought to gift her new juicer. I observed many juicers in the market and compared them, and then I found Omega VJS843 is the best juicer for my mom. It has various features and qualities which makes juicing easier for my mom. It is a 2nd generation slow juicer. If you are also looking for a juicer, Juicer.Kitchen will help you to get the best juicer within your budget.

Omega VJS843:

Omega VJS843 is all new vertical slow juicer. It operates at 43 RPM which produces very less oxidation. It is comparatively 50% slower than old juicers. It can juice everything such as fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheat grass etc. Excellent feature of this juicer is that it can make nut milks because of the all new juice tap.

Omega VJS843 has specially designed juicing screen which ensures that pulp will be very less. It’s a single auger juicer which rotates at 43 RPM to ensure less foam and great taste. It will give you very high nutrient rich juice. Parts of this juicer can be assembled and disassembled easily. Manufacturer gives you 15 years warranty on all parts.

Patented auger, wiping blade and upgraded 8 X strong screen is the newest technology in VSJ series. All these features are not available in any other juicer around.

Omega VJS843 will ensure you the highest yield and less pulp. It is not multipurpose. It is specially designed for the juicing in which it is best. Omega VJS843 is best for people who drink juice on regular basis. That is why I gifted it to my mom.

Why I chose Omega VJS843 Juicer?

Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) – This is the world’s first juicer that is using the SST method. This is completely different from the standard masticating method. SST technology means it will produce the highest yield with less pulp. Omega VJS843 extracts maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients from minimum amount of fruits and vegetables. This juicer contains the harder Heavy Duty (HD) screen. It is upgraded 8x screen made of stainless steel.

There are two stages in this juicer – first is crushing stage and second is pressing stage. In the first stage, juice is extracted and in the second stage it is squeezed again to yield more. Omega VJS843 produces more juice compared to any other juicer available in the market. This is the world’s first juicer having this quality. This juicer has silicon wiping blade which ensures that your screen will be clear of excess pulp. So cleaning will be easier.

You just have to pour the water while changing fruits and vegetables, it will clean itself. Take it apart after using and rinse it with water. It has very small footprint and is very easy to store. Special Juice tap is provided for mixing and nut milks. It is very quiet. 43 RPM is the rotating speed of Omega VJS843 which is very low and thus ensures very less heat production. Thus the enzymes are not destroyed while juicing. Omega gives 15 years warranty on this product. Read the full VSJ843 review here.