vCenter Equipment Unified Management Platform

Product Description

With the increasing demand for network visualization analysis, the construction of a “unified management traffic collection platform” has become an important task for telecom operators and financial institutions, and the construction of a “unified management traffic collection platform” requires a unified management and monitoring of each device in the platform, implementing unified configuration scheduling and status monitoring based on devices, ports, rules, permissions, etc., to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the back-end network traffic visualization analysis tools.


vCenter equipment unified management software is a network traffic controller product centralized software developed by Beijing Zhongchuang Telecom Test Co., Ltd. (ZCTT). In vCenter platform, centralized management of devices deployed in a distributed manner can be realized, and the purpose of user operation is friendly, resources are uniformly scheduled, and devices are monitored in real time.

Product Functions

l    Multi-device cascade stacking

l    Unified device configuration operation, web mode graphics operation

l    Support multiple network architectures of network traffic controller devices

l    Automatic load balancing and failover in redundant architecture

l    Multi-user filtering of traffic

l    Support for rights management in decentralized domains

l    Multi-view, multi-dimensional statistics

l    Threshold alarming

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