vTraffic Virtualized Traffic Collection Software

Product Description

For the bypass collection of network packets in the telecom industry and financial industry, the traditional method is to perform port mirroring (SPAN) or splitting. With the development and application of virtual machine technology, user services are mostly deployed on virtual machines. The east-west traffic between different virtual machines (VMs) on the same host is exchanged and forwarded on the virtual switch (vSwitch) inside the host. The east-west traffic between the virtual machines cannot be collected in traditional ways. Bypass collection is a “blind zone” for traffic collection. vTraffic virtualized traffic collection software is a traffic acquisition software developed by Beijing Zhongchuang Telecom Test Co., Ltd. (ZCTT) for the collection of east-west traffic between virtual machines in VMware and KVM environments. Through vTraffic, the software can realize collection, filtering, slicing and tunneling of packets between virtual machines that cannot be collected in traditional ways, so as to realize network visualization in a true sense.


Main Functions

l   Network packet collection

l    Five-tuple packet filtering

l    Packet slicing

l    GRE/VxLAN tunnel packet forwarding

l    Traffic statistics

Product Application


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