NTC Series Network Traffic Controller


5d06fe696feed.jpgThe NTC series network traffic controller is an intelligent 1U network traffic management device produced by Beijing Zhongchuang Telecom Test Co., Ltd. (ZCTT). The device can perform intelligent management, such as aggregation, distribution, regeneration, filtering, load balancing by preset rules. It also can preprocess packets, such as deduplication, de-capsulation, and slicing, so that the output data packets can meet the requirements of application systems, and so as to optimize the networking structure of data acquisition devices, reduce the number of devices, and improve the processing efficiency of data traffic.

The NTC series network traffic controllers are designed with high integration to provide high-density service ports. Each port can be configured as an input/output/cascade mode according to application scenarios, with full line speed packet replication, forwarding, and high-performance packet preprocessing. Depending on different application scenarios, NTC series network traffic controllers mainly include the following models:

l   NTC3000:24*1GE+4*1GE/10GE

l   NTC4000:48*1GE/10GE+2*40GE

l   NTC5000:48*1GE/10GE+2*40GE

l   NTC5000E:48*1GE/10GE+2*40GE

l   NTC7000:48*1GE/10GE+6*40GE, or 32*40GE

l   NTC8000H:48*1GE/10GE+2*40GE+4*40GE/100GE, or 32*40GE/100GE 


l   High density, low power consumption: Provides high-density service ports in a standard 1U/19inches chassis with low power consumption.

l   High reliability: Hot backup of dual redundant power supplies and redundant fans meet the requirements of high reliability application scenarios.

l   High-performance data packet processing: Supports various traffic control rules and provides flexible packet processing and distribution mechanism.

l   Friendly device configuration: Provides management methods such as Web, SSH, Telnet, RPC, SNMP, and Syslog.



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